Bow and Icing Phone Grip Ring / Kickstand - Borderlands Bakery


This cute and practical accessory serves as a perfect way to securely hang on to your phone or prop it up. The ring swivel flips up, down, and turns 360degrees. Even though it swivels, it remains stiff, allowing you to use it as a kickstand stand (as pictured)! Measures approx. 2 inches in length.

To adhere: Peel red backing off of phone, adhere firmly to a CLEAN surface, apply pressure for 90 seconds, allow to cure 12 hours before first use.

To remove: Remove phone case or turn phone off, use a hair dryer on warm setting and point it at your phone grip. As the grip heats up, the adhesive will also become warm and loosen. Remove and clean any sticky residue with alcohol.